Miles Over Matter

Babel Wallace first got recognition as singer of Miles Over Matter.
The band was formed in 1979 under a different name. The core was Miles Landesman on guitar, Steve Counsel on bass, Micky Dolan on drums and Cosmo Landesman (Miles’older brother) as second guitarist and lead singer. When in 1980 Cosmo left to pursue a highly successful career as journalist and author, the band became MILES OVER MATTER, with Miles and Steve doing most of the vocals. Some time later Babel joined the band along with Jason Brandenburg (keyboards). With such classic line-up, Miles Over Matter professionally recorded two songs: ‘Something’s Happening Here’ and ‘Park My Car’. Both were included in the Warner Bros legendary anthology LP ‘A Splash Of Colour’ (1981), featuring bands from the UK neo-psychedelic wave and garage world. Miles Over Matter became pretty big in the underground scene, even getting some great press: the band was described by New Musical Express (NME) editor Steve Sutherland as "the most exciting live band since the Sex Pistols".
Babel left Miles Over Matter in 1982. After the singer's departure, the band kept touring and having good press. They also had some TV appearances at some point. Ironically, as another Empire-Miles Over Matter connection, Steve Counsel quitted Miles Over Matter in 1983 (he was replaced for a while before the band ended) and went on to play with Mark Laff first in The London Cowboys for their first European tour, with some big gigs in France and Belgium, and then in an embryonic Twenty Flight Rockers.

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Thanks to Steve Counsel for providing me with infos and pics.